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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update and good news

Hi guys....
Did you notice that we've got our thread in hackint0sh?
Here,take a look at
I can understand the founder of this thread very well (btw,JSN1 offered his help to us, thanks again!),but i DO NOT understand what catdogdoor wanted to reach with this post....
Anyway,we are making progress in this but we have two erros left to fix,
and theres some big change for you: the donator-beta will be for mac only....
We are working on the win version but this is going to take a while.....
We will bring the release to you asap!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Screenshot of the beta!

This is the first screenshot of what iFree Beta will look like,
in the first beta,we won't enable the BootFire option!
Very big thanks to tepnerundgeurts who
designed the background image of this GUI,
Have fun!


wEsTbAeR and WiNtErCHiLd

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iFree - Release expected before the weekend!

iFree,the continuation of iUnBrick ( will be out before the weekend!
The first version,lets call it iUnBrick 1.0 Beta will be available for donators very soon,
we will release a first screenshot of the actual version in the next hours!
Please be patient,it will be worth it!
iFree Team!